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Houston Property Tax Attorney in TX 77005

Michael Saegert, Atty at Law
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Michael Saegert

Michael Saegert

Property Tax Attorney


ADM 1996 State Bar of Texas
1996-2000 CAD / ARB Counsel
Past Editor – TCPA Tax Code
Past Instructor – RPA Certified


Where others see problems I see solutions . Working both as an appraisal district attorney and private practitioner has provided unique opportunities and insights others simply don’t have.


Best Fee Structure – More Savings for you

Fees are fair and practical.

Standard Fee
– 35% CONTINGENCY fee plus
– $55 administrative fee

Property Tax Lawyer


  • Property Tax Protests
  • Tax Corrections / Exemptions
  • Delinquent Taxes Litigation
  • Property Tax Litigation
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Michael Saegert, Atty at Law

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